35 years of precision engineering; a team you can trust.


Quinton Major holds 35 years of precision engineering history, working with world-famous clients such as JCB, Bosch and Caterpillar, providing efficient engineering services for complex demands.

Our experience with both large and small clients means we understand conformance and quality is paramount to your business.

Quinton Major takes pride in client relationships.

Founded in 1982 by Frank Clark and Roger Smith, Quinton Major has grown over the past 3 decades by employing talented staff and investing in modern equipment to keep up with future demand and innovation.

It's our goal to provide efficient precision engineering services to local and international clients without compromise, and thanks to our prudent management and effective cost controls the company has evolved into a highly respected supplier of fully engineered precision components and assemblies to the worldwide market.

Throughout the years, Quinton Major has developed close relationships with its customers and gained a reputation for innovating the precision engineering industry with efficient solutions and bespoke production. Having recently celebrated our 35th year of business; with a track record of succeeding in many economic circumstances, Quinton Major is able to efficiently handle the challenges and demands of its clients with confidence.

Quinton Major Precision Ltd is an ISO 9001 accredited company