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Quinton Major provides versatile CNC turning services with bar-feed machines, sliding head machines and manual lathes.
With the option of using our automated bar-feed machines, we optimize production and ensure the entire process is quick and effective.

CNC Turning lathes in our shopfloor.
CNC milling machines are part of our shopfloor inventory.


Our VMC machines are capable of both manual and automated milling. We have a variety of VMC equipment ranging from simple 4-axis capability to more complex HMC machinery capable of milling at 5 axes with fast output.


Manual TIG / MIG welding and automated robot machines are available to deal with all welding needs.
Our Panasonic welding robots are at the forefront of industry standards in welding and ensure that our welding process is seamlessly intergrated into the production cycle.

Panasonic Welding Robot in action.
Assembly services are offered as part of production.


We are able to run assembly operations such as spline rolling, thread rolling, manual assembly and press work thanks to our variety of assembly bays located on our shopfloor.


In addition to our main services, Quinton Major provides in-house transport across the UK and Europe, ensuring our customers recieve their orders as soon as possible.

In-house company logistics.

Quinton Major Precision Ltd is an ISO 9001 accredited company