Ensuring quality and improvement through close oversight.


FeatureCAM allows us to convert 3D models into machinable parts, ready for use with our CNC and VMC sections. We use FeatureCAM alongside SolidWorks to model bespoke assemblies as required by the customer.

SAP Business One

We use SAP Business One to effectively track all production orders, materials, costs and machine data. The data within SAP allows us to make predictions of costs and material requirements for each order, ensuring we are capable of completing a job.


Our machines are monitored by CIMCO software to collect data for planning, future reference and improvement. The data is stored in our SAP system and used for predicting costs, material usage and machining time for every job.

Quinton Major has invested wisely into modern computer solutions to enhance and optimize the daily production line. Appreciating the potential benefits that computer-aided production can offer, the company makes full use of SAP Business One, FeatureCAM, CIMCO and machine monitoring.

By using computer software, we monitor our production process to gain insight towards improving our company performance and client satisfaction, guaranteeing that our customers recieve consistent results.

Quinton Major Precision Ltd is an ISO 9001 accredited company